Information regarding the lectures are available in the TUHH modul manuals as well as in the course catalogue.

Course Work
Re­com. Term Module Name (German / English) Language Module­Responsability Institute C/EC (1) CM/
OM (2)
CP (4) Grade Exami­nation Form(3)
Compulsory Course Work Type Bonus (in %)
Technical Complementary Course Core Studies   Compulsory Courses: 0 LP    Optional Courses: 6 LP   
WT Kolbenmaschinen / Reciprocating Machinery DE Prof. Wirz M-12 EC CM
6 Y KL
WT Numerische Methoden der Thermofluiddynamik I / Computational Fluid Dynamics I DE Prof. Rung M-8 EC CM
6 Y KL
WT Technische Thermodynamik II / Technical Thermodynamics II DE Prof. Speerforck M-21 EC CM
6 Y KL
WT Vertiefte Konstruktionslehre / Advanced Mechanical Engineering Design DE Prof. Krause M-17 EC CM
6 Y KL
WT Wärmekraftwerke / Gas and Steam Power Plants DE NN M-5 EC CM
6 Y KL
N GD 5
N SA 5
N RE 5
N ÜA 5
WT Wärmeübertragung / Heat Transfer DE Dr. Moschallski M-21 EC CM
6 Y KL
ST Numerische Mechanik / Computational Mechanics DE Prof. Seifried M-13 EC CM
6 Y KL
N MT 15
N ÜA 5

1C=Compulsory, EC=Elective Compulsory

2CM=Compulsory Defined Module, OM=Optional Defined Module

3MT=Midterm, KL=Written exam, SA=Written elaboration, RE=Presentation, GD=Group discussion, ÜA=Excercises

4CP=Credit Points

5VL=Lecture, GÜ=Recitation Section (small), HÜ=Recitation Section (large), IV=Integrated Lecture

6DE=German, EN=English, DE/EN=German and English

7SWS=Contact hours